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Additional Inscriptions

After we inspect the memorial stone you wish the inscription to go on we will prepare a quotation for the proposed lettering.

We can match all types of lettering from old hand carved to modern computer generated lettering.

We also still do the traditional raised lead lettering and lead on marble lettering. Lettering on marble is matched by our tradesmen and then cut traditionally with hammer and chisel, then leaded or painted depending on the original

While inspecting your existing memorial we will also check for any other work that may need carried out to bring back to original condition.

Nearly all of our additional lettering is done on site, so the memorial is not disturbed or moved from the grave. The only time we would remove the memorial for additional work is when the weather is against us or we are under a time restriction. All lettering on granite memorials is matched and set out as the original and cut into the granite by sandblasting. It is then painted, gilded or left unpainted.

Families often include words from literature, sentimental verses and scripture on the memorials to make that personal connection. We have many sample suggestions for wording in our show room for you to look through.